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Cycling Experts all agree that "bike fit" is the most
important variable in selecting or perfecting your riding
experience whether you are a Professional or a Novice.
In order to ensure the perfect frame size, our new CMR
Body Scanning Equipment makes use of "non-invasive"

Laser Technology to scan and accurately measure your

body. The 5 different dimensions are then processed by
a computer to calculate the optimal measurements and
correct ergonomic set-up for your new or existing bicycle.
This will not only ensure more comfort and efficient
pedaling but also injury prevention !
Body Scanning takes the "maybe" and guesswork
out of the equation.
Sounds Great right !  Is it going to cost the earth?  
No, not at all, it is just R395-00 for a full set-up (plus parts)
You owe it to yourself to have your bike set-up
perfectly !

  Contact CAJEES stores now for a full Personalised Body Scan and Set-up for your bike !

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